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FI AG CH FI SE CH Shirellan Lead The Way


Multiple BOB-, BOB-veteran, CAC- and CACIB-winner

Top #10 Toy poodle in Finland 2009
Top #12 Agility newcomer in Finland 2009
KSTK Small Agility dog of the year 2010, 2011, 2012
Top #3 Agility Toy Poodle in Finland 2010, #15 from all poodles
Kainuu District Champion 2011
The Best Agility Toy Poodle in Finland 2011, #6 from all poodles

toy poodle (26,5cm)
d.o.b. 31.7.2007
PRAprcd Normal (Clear parents)
knees 0/0 (90/09, 3/15)
eyes OK (9/09, 8/12, 3/15)
hips A/A (1/12)
elbows 0/0 (1/12)
breeder Sirkku Koponen, Shirellan Poodles

See Säde at Finnish breeding database

Säde became to our family as a "black sheep". We were never really supposed to have a black poodle but after Säde we can only ask why. Säde is really worth her nick name which means Shine in English. She is really a sunshine of our lives!

Säde started her show career at the age of 15 months when it was possible to move her to toy poodles (she was born from miniature dam). Nine months later she finished her Finnish Champion -title at the age of two years and nine days.

Beside dog shows Säde has also trained agility since she was six months old. She started to compete at the age of 18 month and one day. Nowadays Säde competes in advanced agility class and she has shown excellent results and speed many times. Säde became Finnish Agility Champion on June 2013.

Säde has two litters Enjoue C and F. We are very pleased with all of them with they health, looks and temperament.

Säde has made all of our expectations true and even more. She is really one of a kind.