News - Year 2009-2010


23.10. Agility Competition in Joensuu
Ilona had some troubles with one obstacle and she got failed on both runs.

16.10.2010 Agility Competition in Kajaani
All of our competing poodles had fun with agility today. Day started with Ilona. She got result 5 on both courses and was placed third on second run. Then was Romeo's turn and he did two clear runs with some overtime.
Day ended with Säde and Nelle. On first run they both got failed on the same spot. On second run they both made clear runs, Nelle with under a second overtime.

9.-10.10.2010 Agility Competitios in Siilinjärvi
On Saturday was Ilona on fire! She made three clear runs which two of them in time! Her placements were first, second and first! Now only one to go for intermediate class!

On Sunday was Säde's turn. We strugled with poor grounding and Säde couldn't run as fast as usually. Not our day.

11.9. Agility Competitions in Varkaus and Turku
Ilona had two runs in Varkaus. Judge there was Tuomo Pajari. Both runs Ilona got 10 mistakes and on first run she was placed third!
At the same time Säde was competing in our previous home town Turku. The judge in Turku was Ritva Herrala. Säde was really on fire! On first run we got clear run with super time -16,13! Säde was also placed third with 29 runs on that course! On second run we got failed with only one mistake. On third run Säde got result 5 and was the fastest result 5 with placement 7/32!

10.9. Enjoue Billy The Kid has found a new home
Out sweet boy Enjoue Billy The Kid moved to his new loving home. We wish all the best for this charming boy in the future with his owner Lea!

© Lea Kela

Enjoue Bob The Builder is looking for loving home. Check out Puppies -page for more information!

5.9. Kokkola Agility Competition
Säde started the day with two runs. First run was failed because Säde didn't listen and I decided to end the run early. On second run we made a pretty fast clear run but after one little mistake by me we got 0,8 seconds overtime! This time Säde listened better.

15.8. Kuopio Agility Competition
Säde had three runs under Anne Huittinen judgement. Results today were 5, 10 and failed. Not our best day today.

10.8. Kajaani Agility Competition
Nelle made a clear but slow run and Säde made a fast run but got result 15 after mistakes. Nelle was placed first and Säde third. Romeo made also a clear run but got overtime. He was placed fourth. Ilona couldn't race because of her season.

7.8. Kemi Agility Competition
Säde had her first runs with new haircut and what results we got! On first run Säde got clear run and was placed second! With 31 runs and winner being Finnish Agility Champion Säde got her first Agility sertification for Finnish Agility Champion title! This was far more we had ever imaginated!
On second run we got result 5. Runs were judged by Minna Jokisaari.

17.7. Ylivieska International Show
Säde was shown for the last time for now. She got Excellent and was placed first in Champion class! After the ring Säde lost her hair and will be concentrating on her agility career.

11.7. Maaninka Agility competition
Ilona got failed on both runs after wrong courses. Säde made one clear run and got failed on second run.

9.7. B-puppies are born
Jewel got two male puppies! Check out Puppies page!

7.7. Agility Competition Oulu
Ilona made a clear run with a bit overtime. Säde got failed after a wrong course.

20.6. Rovaniemi International Show
Poodles were judged by Tuula Plathan who really liked our Säde and made her Best Of Breed with Cacib! This was our second Cacib from Finland!
Ilona was finally enjoying on her turn but got only Very Good. Now we can set higher expectations to upcoming shows..

6.6. Iisalmi Agility Competition
Second competition on the same weekend and we had two runs with Ilona and Säde. Ilona made two nice runs with some mistakes! Clear run isn't so far away..
Säde made only one mistake on both runs but they both got us failed. So close, but so far!

5.6. Kajaani Agility Competition
Again Ilona started the day. On her first run she got failed after wrong course and on second run she got some mistakes.
Säde and Nelle ended the long day with nice results! On first run they oth made nice clear runs and Säde was even placed third! On second run they both made some mistakes.

30.5. Joensuu International Show
After many weekends with agility we had a show day in Joensuu. Today poodles were judged by Eeva Rautala. Ilona got nice critics with Very Good and was placed third in Intermediate class.
Säde shined on her turn and was placed first in Champion class with Excellent. On Best bitch competition she was placed third and got her second re-cacib!

22.5. Lieksa Agility Competition
A full day trip to Lieksa with four of our dog's on Tuija Kokkonen's courses! Day started with Ilona and she made nice run on her first course and got placed second! On second run she got failed.
Romeo made two clear runs with some overtime but was still placed second and third!
Nelle and Säde had nice time on their runs but without any futher success..


15.-16.5. Siilinjärvi Agility Competition
On Saturday Ilona had two agility starts on Risto Ojanperä's courses. She got some mistakes on first run but made a clear (but a bit slow) run on her second run! Nicely done Ilona!
Säde had three starts on Sunday. First two were very nice and we did clear runs! Unfortunately our spee wasn't enough today. On third run we got failed.

9.5. Oulu Agility Competition
Ilona started her agility career on Jarmo Jämsä's courses. Unfortunately both runs were failed after wrong courses. Säde made also some mistakes on her turn so not really succesful day in Oulu.

17.4. Vaasa International Show
After long weekend in Turku we ended our Finland tour in Vaasa International Dog Show. Ilona was competing in Intermediate class and got Very Good. Judge was Javier Sanchez from Spain.
Säde won champion class with excellent and ended up seccond in Best bitch competition. Säde got her first re-cacib.

27.3. Helsinki Finnish Poodle Club Specialy Show
We had a nice trip to Helsinki with poodle people from Kajaani and also from Kuopio. Our journey started already on Friday and on Saturday we wete at the Speciality Show with Säde and Ilona.
Säde made her best in her ring and got again Excellent from breed specialist Ann-Charlotte Hillberger. She was paced third in her class and didn't get placed in best bitch competetition.
Ilona got very nice critics from her judge Stefan Wächter and got Very Good. She was placed fourth in her class.
After the rings we had such a nice time with our friends from other parts of Finland.
Photos below were takes by Virve Tajakka and Taija Talvio, thanks!

21.3. Siilinjärvi Agility Competition
There were three runs for Advanced class in Siilinjärvi and Säde took part all of them and Nelle only in the first. All runs were judged by Anne Savioja. On first run Nelle got failed after a wrong course. Säde got result 10 after two mistakes.
On second run we made our first clear run in Advanced class! Were were placed 11. There were some of the best mini dogs in Finland competing with us and many clear runs were made during this day.
The last run was maybe the best of all but unfortunately we got failed after a minor mistake. Anyway it was very nice day in Siilinjärvi.

6.-7.3. Oulu Agility Competition
We had total of six starts during this weekend in Oulu. Nelle had one start on Saturday and one on Sunday and Säde had two starts each day. Saturday wasn't really our day. We got failed on every run with various mistakes.
Sunday was better and we didn't get failed anymore. Nelle made a clear but too slow run. Säde got result 10 and few seconds overtime on first run. On our final run I decided to practise a bit and we made a bit slow but clear run! That wasn't so bad and we were placed third of 23 entries! This was Säde's fifth run on this highest Agility class!

1.3. Finnish Poodle Club - Turku district's meeting and rewarding the most winning poodles year 2009
Säde was rewarded as the top show toypoodle in Turku district year 2009. She was also #2 agility newcomer. She also got a prize for being the most active poodle (results at least in two category) in the district and for her Finnish champion title. Year 2009 was very joyful for Säde!

23.2. Ilona's Healt test
Ilona got her knees and eyes checked today. Knees were 0/0 and eyes perfectly healthy. Very good news!

13.2. Oulu Agility Competition
And again news with agility! We had the same team competing again meaning Säde and Romeo. Courses today were judged by Tuomo Pajari. First run was jumping course. Säde made it through even we had some difficulties with it: Säde made the fastest run of all and won the race! We got our ast agility setificate from intermediate class and will now join Nelle in advanced class! Well done Säde!
Romeo made also a nice clear run with some overtime. On second run Romeo got failed after some misunderstanding with his leader.
Säde also tried her luck first time in advanced class. The run was easy but the leader too slow so we got result 5 and a bit overtime.

23.1. Kemi Agility competition
We were competing at Pakkasralli in Kemi with Säde and Romeo. There were three starts for all on Saturday and we took part all of them. First run was jumping course under judge Harri Huittinen. Säde got result 5 with fast time so she was placed third. Romeo got too much over time and was failed.
Second run was agility course under judge Anne Huittinen. Säde made an excellent and fast run but unfortunately we were judged to result 5. Säde had the fastest run of all and was placed third again. Romeo had result 5 also and a bit overtime but nice run anyway!
Third run was agility course under judge Jarmo Jämsä. Both of our team members were failed after a wrong course.
Säde's courses can be watched on our Video Gallery.

10.1. Kajaani International Show
Today we had Ilona, Jewel and Säde in the ring. Ilona competed in huge junior class with over 10 entries! Delightfully Ilona had nice time in the ring and she got Excellent! No placement in class but this was really nice start for Ilona's show year!
Jewel doesn't really have grown her hair so she got Very Good again. Now she won't be shown until we are certain that she will have more hair. Säde did her best in the ring and got Excellent. She was also placed fourth in class.

© Salla Homanen

9.1. Kajaani Agility competition
We had one start for all of our competing dogs. Nelle started evening with a clear run! Only few seconds overtime. In intermediate class Romeo and Säde made clear runs too! Romeo got overtime but Säde made the best time of all and won the race! Nice start for our agility year 2010!


Year 2009

12.-13.12. Helsinki Finnish Winner and Nordic Winner International shows
These two shows ended our show year. Over 17 000 dogs were shown during this weekend and two of them were our Säde and Ilona. Ilona competed in junior class and Säde in champion class.
Ilona got Very Good both times and Säde got Excellent.

Such a nice weekend in Helsinki with many friends. Congratulations for all who are happy with their results as we were!
This was our last happening for this year so Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2010!

6.12. Turku Agility Competition
Säde had three Agility runs today. All courses were judged by Marjo Heino and they were very suitable for us. Unfortunately Säde has some difficulties with some obstackles. All of our runs were fast but we made same mistakes again and again. Säde was placed first, nineth and fourth with some mistakes on every run.

29.11. Turku Agility competition
Nelle had today two starts in Turku. Courses were judged by Kari Jalonen and they were very nice and suitable for Nelle. Nelle had nice speed both times but unfortunately we were failed both runs because of wrong course.

28.11. Turku International Show
Our last "home show" in Turku was today. We had Jewel in open class and Säde in champion class. Jewel had nice temperament in the ring but because of her few hair judge Jean-Francois Vanaken gave her only Very Good. She was placed second in class.
Säde did fine in her turn. Her judgement was Excellent and she was placed third in class and fourth in Best bitch competition.
Thank you Taija for these photos and company during the day!

26.11. Turku unofficial Agility competition
We were training for real competitions today with Jewel, Säde and Nelle at unofficial Agility competition. Jewel had a run at beginners class and she made a fast run! Because of her slow forerunner we passed last jump and got result 5. We were placed third still. Well done Jewel!
Säde and Nelle competed in open class. Säde had too much drive and she got failed after wrong course. Nelle did just fine and made nice clear run at her turn. We were placed third also. Well done Nelle!

7.11. Kajaani Agility competitions
Today we had total of six starts in Kajaani. Day started with Säde and Romeo in intermediate class. The judge was Kari Jalonen and his courses were pretty clear. From first round Säde got result failed after a wrong course and Romeo got result 5 and a bit overtime. Second run was better for Romeo and he made clear run but overtime again. Säde really showed what's she is made of and did a fast clear run! She was placed second with result -6,50. Two to go for advanced class!
Nelle had two starts in the afternoon in advanced class. We didn't really get good results but we had nice time competing. On first run we were failed after a wrong course and on second run we got result 10 and little overtime.

31.10.-1.11. Turku Agility competitions
On Saturday Nelle had two starts in advanced class. On first run Nelle had very much drive and she did excellent job. We got result 5 and only 1,5 seconds overtime which is a very good result for us! Second run Nelle made worng course after visiting judge Jarmo Jämsä ;)
On Sunday Säde started her career in intermediate class. Säde didn't really listen and made wrong course in the beginning. On second run we made mistakes again and got result 15. Many got failed in that run so Säde was placed third.

24.10. Hämeenlinna Speciality Show for FCI groups 2 & 9
Today we had Jewel and Ilona in the ring. Judge was Sergio Capps from Brasilia. Ilona competed in junior class and got Very Good and was placed third in class. Jewel was first time in open class. Delightfully she got Excellent and was placed third in class.

26.-27.9. Turku Agility competitions
On Saturday we had two starts with Säde. First run was fast but unfortunately Säde made a stupid mistake and got result 5. Se was still placed third.
Second run we tried to make everything right and with some struggle we made it true. Säde got her last clear run from novice class and got agility sertificate for intemediate class! Well done Säde!

On Sunday we had two starts with Nelle in the most demanding advanced class. First run wasn't our best. We got result 5 and a lot overtime. Second run was better but unfortunately Nelle got one jump wrong and we were failed. Well, now we know what we have to train to get better results!

20.9. Parainen Speciality show for FCI groups 3 and 9
Today we had Jewel and Säde in the ring. Jewel had nice temperament in the ring and she got nice critics too. She got Very Good and was placed first in youth class. Säde had almost too much drive in her turn in champion class. She got excellent and was placed second in class and fourth in best bitch competition.

Best of breed was our friend's Virve's dog Ilmari (Toyway Trick Or Treat), congratulations!

© Taija Talvio

13.9. Turku Agility Competition
Säde had two starts in novice class with great results. First run was perfect and we got no mistakes and the fastest time of all (-8,01) so Säde won the run! Second run Säde got result 5 with excellent speed (-11,02) and was placed second!
Nelle had two starts in intermediate class and what she did: she made clear runs both time and was placed first and second! We got agility sertificate and will compete in advanced class in the future! We're so proud of our girls!

At the same time in Kajaani Romeo and Ilona took part on a walk at Vuokatti with other poodles from Kajaani district. The weather was wonderful and they had such a nice time

© Arja Karhu

10.9. Kajaani Unofficial Agility Competition
Ilona started to compete in Kajaani at unofficial agility competition. She had such a nice time with few mistakes and she was placed fourth. Very nice start to Ilona's agility career! Romeo made a bit slow run without mistakes. He was placed third.

5.9. Lieksa Agility competition
Romeo had three starts in Lieksa. Romeo had nice speed this time with excellent results: on first run he was placed second with only few seconds over time! On second run he was third with a bit more over time. On third run he was failed after wrong course. Very nice day at Lieksa. Congratulations to our friend Arja who won every competition in small dogs intermediate class and thanks for this following photo!


1.9. Official health test for Säde and Jewel
Säde and Jewel got today their eyes and knees checked. Both got excellent judgements with clear eyes and knees 0/0!

30.8. Helsinki Finnish Toy Dog Association speciality show
Säde started her show carrier in champion class. Säde did it with style and was placed third in class with excellent and fourth in best bitch competition. Judge was Georg Walter from Germany.
After ring we had such a nice day with our friends. Thank you Virve and Tiina for everything!

© Virve Tajakka.

15.8. Kuopio Agility competition
A 15 hour journey to Kuopio with five starts. Day started with Säde and three runs in novice class. On first and second run Säde made wrong course and was failed. The last run was the best of all and Säde made wonderful and fast clear run! Finally she was the only one who made it and was placed first! This was our first clear run!
Romeo was a bit tired after waiting over six overs for his runs in intemerdiate class. On first run he made wrong course and was failed. Second run was clear but slow. He was placed fourth.

Thank you Arja for these nice photos and company during this long but joyful day!

13.8. Kajaani Agility competition
In Kajaani Eija had one start with Romeo in intermediate class and Elina had one start with Säde in novice class. Romeo made clear but a bit slow run and was placed second. Säde got result 10 for two mistakes and was placed fifth.

9.8. Kajaani Speciality show for FCI groups 5 and 9
For once a show with now distance at all, how easy is that! And again we were there with Säde and Ilona.
Ilona was a bit nervous but judge Tuula Plathan really liked her a lot. Ilona got excellent critics and was placed second in junior class with Very good.

Säde again trying to catch her last CAC for Finnish Champion title in open class. Judge Tuula Plathan fell for our black sunshine and Säde won open class bitches with excellent. Younger bitches didn't get excellent so Säde went best bitch number one and got her last CAC! It got even better and Säde went also BOB! Huge thanks for all the judges who made this possible.

8.8. Liminka Speciality show for FCI groups 5/6 and 9
For this show we had again Säde in open class and Ilona in junior class. Säde won her class with excellent and was placed third in best bitch competition. Ilona didn't feel herself confident in the ring and judge Markku Kipinä was very tough. Ilona got Good with nice critics.

1.8. Iisalmi International Show
Säde first time in open class with great results, she won open class and was placed fourth best bitch with res-CAC. Ilona competed for the first time in junior class. She got excellent and was placed second in class with nice critics. Toys were judged by Elena Spector and miniatures by Janiki Steinbuck.